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Jon and I go to see a friend bartending at a weird bar in the shilo inn. Meet a girl there. Talk to her. Things are going good. She's laughing. She says she likes my glasses and the way I'm dressed. Good signs, right?

So eventually we decide to leave, and I tell her we're taking off. She asks if she can come with me. Of course. Lets go!

We get in the car and she says "So, you guys are gay right?" Jon & me. No. We're not. We laugh, this is hilarious to me. HI-FUCKING-LARIOUS.

We get the blackhorse. Get a drink. She says: "I'm gonna go pee. You're really not gay?"
Nope. I'm not gay.
"oh, ok. I'll be right back."

Aaaannnnnd she didn't come back. At all.
And she didn't talk to me the rest of the night. Instead I watched her drunkenly hit on at least 3 other dudes, before finally seeing her make out with an old man with a handlebar mustache.

Really? REALLY? You wanna get drunk and make out with a stranger? And its that guy? Really?

I'm not cuter than that? I'm not better than some old fucking wannabe biker dude?

I should have had taken Courtney up on her offer to beat her up.

Fuck my life. Sara had the right idea.
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